The heartbeat of our church is love of God and love of neighbor. Won’t you partner with us in providing meals to our community neighbors on Thursday evenings?

To partner with us click on the “Give Now” button below.

As members and friends of the First Presbyterian Church of Monroe, we give financially to the church because God has given first.  We give as stewards of God’s bounty, returning a portion of our income, our assets, our wealth.  Giving is a spiritual discipline, a prayer practice, and a way of being responsive to God’s call and responsible in the use of our money.

We offer various forms of giving:

Pledges:  In the fall, we ask members and friends to calculate the annual level of giving to the church.  Typically, we ask that you prayerfully consider giving a percentage of your disposable income.  You then will fill out a pledge card, which is a type of contract between you and God.  This pledge card will be offered up on Stewardship Sunday during worship.  For the coming year, you then “make good” on this pledge by either giving weekly, monthly, or in other installments.

Assets:  Often overlooked is the possibility to give a portion of your portfolio and financial assets to the church.  For example, you may want to consider giving the church a gift of stock or property.  You may also want to consider “roll over” distributions from an IRA or annuity to go to the church directly.  Doing so may provide you with a tax deduction and will benefit the church greatly in the long term.  Please consult with your financial advisor about ways of doing so.  For more information, you may also contact Raymond James of Monroe, our church’s investment firm.

Legacy and Wills:  Another possible venue of giving is to include our church in your will.  This may be done by adding a simple sentence to your will.  Or, you may consider to name the church as the beneficiary of an annuity or a certificate of deposit.  Doing so ensures that the vital ministries and mission activities of our church continue in the future.

2 Cents a Meal: We collect a special “2 Cents a Meal” offering which benefits either our Thursday evening Community of Need Meals, MCOP Food Bank, and Oaks of Righteousness. Please pick up one of our “unique” cans on the table in the Narthex next to our Welcome Center. For every meal that you eat please place at least 2 cents into our giving can and bring your coins to the church. Your coins may be placed into a large pot in the C.E. Lobby.