Join us by livestream or in our sanctuary on Sundays at 11:00 a.m. We kindly ask that you observe the guidelines prepared by our COVID-19 Congregational Protocol Team. Click here for our guidelines on Worshipping Safely.

We are now livestreaming on Youtube. To connect to YouTube click on this link: We will provide the link each week in our Worship Bulletin and link to it on our FaceBook page.

Please share this information with everyone you know who watches our services on Sundays.

Sunday Zoom Coffee Hour You are invited to join us starting ten minutes after livestream worship on Sundays for Zoom Coffee by using a computer or tablet. A Zoom link will be sent in a separate email weekly.

Upjohn Scholarship Fund
The Session approved awarding the Upjohn Scholarship. If you or a member of your family is eligible, please encourage that person(s) to apply for this scholarship. The amount of the scholarship varies from year to year.
Applications are available by clicking here or in the church office (734) 242-1545.
The application deadline is: May 15, 2021.

1. Demonstrate participation in church related activities.
2. Member of church or the child/grandchild/guardian of a church member.
3. Not over the age of twenty-five years.
4. Essay (not to exceed one page)
a. Tell us about your faith journey.
b. How will your faith impact the next phase of your life?
c. What are your educational goals?
d. What are your plans following graduation?

Bible Study

Thursday Morning Bible Study 10:00 a.m.-10:45 a.m.

New Study! Elijah-Living Securely in an Unsecure World!

Scripture: 1 Kings 1:5-24 (When the Brook Dries Up.)
Join us on Thursday mornings from April 8 through May 27, as we study the Prophet Elijah. Elijah’s time was not safe. He faced famine, murder, and corruption with both courage and fear. Just like us today, we live in an insecure world.

Questions: Was there a time when you were in need, and how did God provide for you in that situation. Elijah hid in a ravine and was fed daily by the ravens, and then the brook dried up. What next? Join us with Zoom!

Photo by: Aaron Burden on Unsplash


Daily Bible Readings

Photo by: Aaron Burden on Unsplash

Daily Bible Readings beginning on April 18, 2021 through April 24, 2021

Morning: Psalm 93; 150 First Reading: Daniel 4:1-18
Second Reading: 1 Peter 4:7-11
Gospel Reading: John 21:15-25 Evening: Psalm 136; 117

Morning: Psalm 97; 145 First Reading: Daniel 4:19-27
Second Reading: 1 John 3:19-4:6  Gospel Reading: Luke 4:14-30
Evening: Psalm 124; 115

Morning: Psalm 98; 146 First Reading: Daniel 4:28-37
Second Reading: 1 John 4:7-21 Gospel Reading: Luke 4:31-37
Evening: Psalm 66; 116

Morning: Psalm 99; 147:1-11 First Reading: Daniel 5:1-12
Second Reading: 1 John 5:1-12 Gospel Reading: Luke 4:38-44
Evening: Psalm 9; 118

Morning: Psalm 47; 147:12-20  First Reading: Daniel 5:13-30
Second Reading: 1 John 5:13-20(21) Gospel Reading: Luke 5:1-11
Evening: Psalm 68; 113

Morning: Psalm 96; 148  First Reading: Daniel 6:1-15
Second Reading: 2 John 1-13  Gospel Reading: Luke 5:12-26
Evening: Psalm 49; 138

Morning: Psalm 92; 149 First Reading: Daniel 6:16-28
Second Reading: 3 John 1-15; Gospel Reading: Luke 5:27-39
Evening: Psalm 23; 114

*These readings follow the two year Daily Lectionary from the Book of Common Worship (


Continued Giving. Please continue to give electronically through our website’s Giving Button on the Home Page and/or by regular mail.

2 Cents a Meal Offering. Our 2 Cents a Meal Offering is currently on hold until further notice due to COVID-19 pandemic. In the meantime keep collecting your change coins! In the past the money raised in our 2 Cents a Meal Offering has been given to many local ministries such as Oaks of Righteousness, MCOP Food Bank, and our very own Community of Need Meal on Thursday evenings.


Bell Choir and Choir Rehearsals. Choir and Bell Choir will start up again after we resume normal church activities.

Greeters for the Community of Need Meal. For the month of April, our greeters on Thursday evenings at 6:00 p.m. will be the Congregational Committee. For the month of May, our greeters will be the Worship Committee. For the month of June, our greeters will be the Mission and Outreach Committee. For the month of July, our greeters will be the Building & Property Committee. The Deacons are the greeters at our Community of Need Meal if there is a fifth Thursday evening during a calendar month (January, May, August, October).

Wee Believers. Please stay tuned for an announcement about a new start up date for our Wee Believers program. As of now our program is cancelled until further notice. There is no child care during Sunday Worship until further notice.

Young Couples. Please continue to sign up on the sheet in the C.E. Lobby if you would like to help with the Community of Need Meal on Thursday evenings.

Items for Midweekly Newsletter. Do you have an item or an announcement that you wish to include in the Midweekly Newsletter? Please send it to Sara at Thank you!

Pastoral Care and Prayer Requests

Prayer Chain. We are called to be a community of prayer. Our Prayer Chain is a dedicated group who have joined in this important mission of our Church. You are still welcome to join our Prayer Chain Team. Just call Sara and she will pass your name along to be added to the chain. If you know of someone who needs to be lifted up in prayer, please contact Sara.

Pastoral Care and Prayer Requests. Please direct any Pastoral Care needs and Prayer Requests to our Church Office. Information shared will be confidential. This is a way we can remain a community of faith even though apart during this time of social distancing.

Prayer and Encouragement to Others. Please remember for pray for our members with on-going health concerns and our shut-in members. As always sending an encouragement card is a thoughtful way of showing that they are in your thoughts and prayers and/or even an encouraging telephone call can help tremendously.