Worship and all activities have been cancelled until further notice.

Exception: The Community of Need Meals will be “Grab & Go” on Thursday evenings at 6:00 p.m.

Young Couples

Please continue to sign up on the sheet in the C.E. Lobby if you would like to help with the Community of Need Meal on Thursday evenings.

2 Cents a Meal Offering

Our 2 Cents a Meal Offering is collected on the last Sunday of each month. The money raised in our 2 Cents a Meal Offering will benefit the MCOP Food Bank. Please pick up one of our “unique” collection cans in the Narthex.

Weekly Programs

Wee Believers

Amy Morgan and Sue Bondie have started up the Wee Believer curriculum after the Children’s Sermon in Worship on Sunday mornings. Infant Care is available before and during the Worship Service. We might request people from the congregation to sign up to help with this. During Wee Believer’s the children will hear a bible story and have a time of play and interaction with other children.

Thursday Morning Bible Study     

Our Bible Study group will continue after we resume normal church activities.

Bell Choir and Choir Rehearsals

Choir and Bell Choir will start up again after we resume normal church activities.

Greeters for Community of Need Meal

For the month of June, the Mission & Outreach Committee are the greeters on Thursday evenings at 6:00 p.m. for our Community of Need Meal. For the month of July, our greeters will be the Building & Property Committee. For the month of August, our greeters will be the Personnel & Policy Committee.

Pastoral Care Needs

Please direct any Pastoral Care needs to our Church Office. Information shared will be confidential.


Please remember for pray for our members with on-going health concerns and our shut-in members. As always sending an encouragement card is a thoughtful way of showing that they are in your thoughts and prayers.